how to root anything android - phone with root android is the first
how to root anything the thing we will do is - really happened on the phone we entered

How to root anything android

 How to root anything android

- settings then scroll down
- the bottom and then click about
- call now here you will see
- something called your build number is finished

just type seven times and what you do will do is allow developers choice so after you do that reenter.

- settings and you will see
- Developer option click on the developer
- option and make sure that USB
- debugging checkbox is activated once

Below you can continue the next step now what you want to do is go and go back to your computer and

- download the driver for your mobile
- to do this, you can use the adb driver.
which has two drivers for most cellphones
- You will only click on adb
- driver installer is only nine
- megabytes and that will only take a few seconds to download as I said
- You can continue with slash comm driver adb

download to download it and how you can it's done just go ahead and click on

- Exe file run and then install
- Your driver or telephone and make sure you
- the phone is installed, of course like you

can see that the driver has been installed for me, all of which is that.
All is good and they will go forward and exit and proceed to the root android of the actual process that will be at mg un

com / en slash gets via root and here you will see the download page
for me to root so all I will do is go ahead and click download and it happens to download the Installer for root.

[ four download file go here root anything android ]

You want to save the file and it's full

point of five megabytes so it will only take a few seconds to download and then after you are done all you want to do is

- run the file too and this will run into the actual routing software that I am
will click it and it will happen, open it so I just look like yes make sure my device is connected with a click

Next Next - - Next Next and then install and after it's finished, you want to launch I root android
and now it will see if my device is plugged in or not so just find my device so it says my cellphone

the model list has been updated I will

- click OK and it will set everything
- up yourself so just give the couple seconds all there we go my phone

now it's connected and says my Nexus 4 connected now all you want to do is

- click the button that says root android and it will eradicate your device right now.
the process of taking from you know 10 to 20
minutes just sit tight and be patient and it will only download everything

itself is a one-click root tutorial

so it's really very easy and how to root anything android phone will show you a few the menu just leaves it like that will download and rooting, for you and it's really an easy process.
and after it's done, you will do it.
come to the screen that says root, it's finished.

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